Do you have a number of closets, rooms, data centers that are not 'up to scratch' and continue to create challenges for you?

Do you have compute resources spread in any number of sub-optimal environments?

Are you not quite sure whether you are paying too much, or for too many, pieces of equipment?

Wonder whether you can reduce costs by consolidation and standardization?

Do you have a Data Center Strategy that looks 3 years out?

Do you regularly conduct tests to how quickly you would be 'back in business' if the Emergency Power Off(EPO) button was hit?

Do you want to reduce your costs, and improve your ROI?

Do you keep hearing about 'Lights Out Data Centers' and wonder how you get there?

Do you have 'hot spots' in your data center and wonder why the rest of the room is optimal except for some troublesome areas?

Do you follow Sarbanes-Oxley best practices with regard to access to your Data Centers, or closets, or rooms?

At TeraDBA Consulting, we know about Data Centers. We know about the challenges of managing myriad Data Centers. We know how to reduce costs in your Data Center. We know about the benefits of Lights Out Data Centers and how you get there.

Consolidation and standardization - not just buzz words. Many companies have projects currently running right now to consolidate and standardize. Many companies have plans in place to start consolidating and standardizing their environments. Do you? Do you know where to start? Let TeraDBA assist you in this major cost saving exercise - we have the experience, and know what needs to be done, and how to get it done.

To consolidate and standardize successfully, you need to have a Data Center strategy that looks 3 years out - how else will you know what you are aiming for, and make the right decisions when they are needed without an 'endgame' in mind.

You'd be surprised how many companies don't know what compute resources they have, let alone where they are located. When was your last audit? How many support contracts do you have with the ONE hardware vendor. Multiply that by the number of different hardware vendors you are currently utilizing and you see the problem....major cost savings can be obtained by consolidating your support contracts - get those volume discounts. The vendors are not going to do it for you. What about those boxes you are paying support for that are so old that the cost of support is far more expensive than leasing new, faster hardware. But, do you want to do that? Do you really want to replace those aging boxes with newer boxes from the same vendor or is it time to start standardizing on a hardware platform? You can't determine the right path unless you know where it is you want to go to. That's the importance of the Data Center Strategy.

New hardware purchases raise their own challenges. Without a clear Data Center Strategy, you may opt for purchasing high cost, high end machines. How does the business feel about that? Most IT organizations are challenged with proving their 'business value' to the organization as a whole. But, if the business knew that your Data Center Strategy was building-block, low incremental cost, commodity hardware they would feel a whole lot more comfortable with each incremental spend, as and when required. Imagine the business in partnership with IT, knowing that IT had a clear, value-added strategy - you can build this partnership - let us help you get there.

Managing Data Centers also involves managing the environmentals. Environmentals are key to ensuring ROI - if you have sub-optimal environmentals you will have sub-optimal hardware longevity and will be more prone to high mean time between failure of your hardware. That costs money. Yet, too many times do we walk into Data Centers to find upright fans running to keep air circulation going and temperatures down. Or find that the Data Center is running on unconditioned power. Or that the generators haven't been tested since the last time they failed.

Can you really afford to house your corporations' business in sub-optimal environments, or without a clear strategy? Call us to discuss your challenges, and your concerns, so that we can help you get a good nights sleep knowing that your compute resources are cost effective and in a reliable environment.