An overview of TeraDBA Consultings' services follow. Please refer to the individual service for more detailed information.

Each company has their different challenge with databases. TeraDBA Consulting can help you in auditing your systems and processes and identifying a plan of attack for you to execute, or we can help you implement a scalable, and stable infrastructure while mentoring your internal teams in industry best practices. TeraDBA Consultings' Database specialists have 'been there, and done that'. We're all certified on the major database platforms and have many, many years of experience in all facets of databases.

Some of the key areas we cover are:

  1. architecture of enterprise-wide infrastructures
  2. the design of terabyte scale databases
  3. operational management of your corporate databases
  4. migration of data from one hardware platform to another
  5. migration of data from one database vendor to another
  6. business continuity
  7. data synchronization and virtualization techniques
  8. data and database compliance
  9. access control mechanisms
  10. cost efficiencies and improved ROI
  11. data integrity
  12. database performance
  13. risk assessments
  14. database installs/upgrades

TeraDBA Consultings Systems Design specialists design solutions based on real-life implementation experience gained in the field. As such, we are able to offer an advanced level of practical experience along with an in-depth understanding of the various options available. Consultation, design and implementation of a solution is always backed by an in-depth evaluation of your needs and a tailored presentation and design paper outlining the design and implementation options.

Consolidation and standardization are not just buzz words in today's environment. Let TeraDBA assist you with the systems design in this major cost saving exercise - we have the experience, and know what needs to be done, and how to get it done.

Some of the key areas to be considered when evaluating and designing a systems solution for your needs are:

  1. high availability requirements
  2. disaster recovery requirements
  3. application & integration requirements
  4. performance requirements
  5. archiving and near-line storage requirements
  6. storage area network (SAN) requirements
  7. database requirements
  8. backup requirements

TeraDBA Consultings Data Center Management specialists know about Data Centers. We know about the challenges of managing myriad Data Centers. We know how to reduce costs in your Data Center. We know about the benefits of Lights Out Data Centers and how you get there. We have experience in building out, troubleshooting, and managing the facilities components of your Data Centers along with the financial aspects that are inherent in managing Data Centers.

With this experience, we are effective at working with you to build your Data Center strategy. Unless you have a Data Center strategy and know where/what you are working toward, how can you be making effective decisions to give you maximum ROI and that competitive edge?

TeraDBA Consultings' IT Management professionals have many years of experience in all areas of Information Technology management. Not only do we have the technical expertise, but we have great vision and understand the importance of adding value to the business.

We have dynamic, visionary leaders who can:

  1. build you Centers of Excellence
  2. add value to the business
  3. manage technical professionals in operations, applications, or engineering efforts
  4. manage projects for on-time and on-budget deliverables
  5. mentor, collaborate and develop your visionary leaders
  6. collaborate and build with you a strategy for the future that takes you where you need to be
  7. can demonstrate improving the ROI of your organization

TeraDBA Consultings' Training professionals can work with you and your company to create Centers of Excellence. We can evangelize the benefits of training and Centers of Excellence, develop the plan to get you there, and provide you with the snippets of wisdom that comes from the experience of having 'been there, and done that'.

We can provide customized technical or management training, or we can provide onsite mentoring to show you how your teams can really add value to the business and your bottom line.

TeraDBA Consultings' Project Managers have the experience to make your projects a success - understanding the time critical components, mapping the tasks and understanding the importance of those tasks, and building those vital collaborations that are all necessary to ensure the success of your projects on-time and on-budget.

We utilize the SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) framework in the development and implementation of our projects.