Do you find it difficult to retain top-quality technical folks?

Are you worried about morale, and turnover?

Have you developed Centers of Excellence?

Do your internal IT staff conduct training for your user community?

Do you have a mentoring, or cross-training, initiative in place?

Do you understand the importance of training for your staff?

At TeraDBA, we believe we have a unique philosophy.

Our philosophy is that we encourage our team members to 'add to their resume'. You see, if someone's 'adding to their resume' in your company, they're a lot less likely to leave to join another company - who knows, they may join another company where they get no training at all !!

Investing in training in your people also adds to your bottom line - recruiting for a specific skill, ramp up time for that person, all costs money - and who knows, at the end of it you may find that the new recruit is not the right 'fit' for your company. You've just invested all that money and not had a good ROI experience. Why not train one of your existing staff, and then have someone work alongside your newly trained team member acting as a safety net? What better way to improve morale and to invest in your existing personnel.

Centers of Excellence are a way you can provide a valuable service to your user community, add to the bottom line of the organization, and create a sense of pride in your technical team members. As technical professionals, your teams want to take pride in what they know, what they are specialized in, and add value to the organization. Too often, they are left to their own devices in their own little worlds, feeling very underappreciated. Appreciate them. Encourage them to become a Center of Excellence where being a specialist in what they do, and providing that technical expertise to their peers and their customers gives them purpose to learning and improving that skill.

Encourage your teams to give 'brown bag' sessions to peers and to the internal user community, to present at conferences, to develop their own training sessions. Not only do they start to take pride in the quality of that knowledge, that knowledge is cascaded into the organization as a whole. Consider an application developer who knows they need to do something 'tricky' and has no-one to call to bounce off ideas on 'how to' or can't get real world technical advice from anywhere - imagine the day when that same developer knows that there is a Center of Excellence within the company that they can call and get help? Imagine the day when that same developer comments to their manager about how wonderful it is to get the quality of help they get from IT, and so on up the chain.

It can be done. We've done it.

Let TeraDBA Consultants work with you to develop your Centers of Excellence and show you the path of how to get there. We can provide onsite customized technical training, or we can provide onsite mentoring of your technical teams, and management teams, to show you how your teams can really add value to the business. All you need to do is ask.

Some of the training courses we already offer:

If you don't see a training course that you know your teams would find valuable, we can develop training courses customized for your particular environment. We can tailor the onsite training for your particular needs. Just call us to discuss your requirements.